John E. Mayer
J.E. Mayer

(Fiction nom de plume)

I am available nationwide for on-air and in print interviews. I bring an engaging personality and dynamic graphics that help explain my novels.

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Interested? Contact me directly at or call (312) 917-1240.

Teenage Violence

Sample Media Appearances: “Teen Killers” International Magazine Cover Story—2011+2012. “48 Hours of Torture” Discovery ID Channel—2009. “The Blue Room” Documentary Film—2013.

Teens, Drugs, Drinking

“How to Keep Your Teen Sober” Expert Beacon Learning—2012.
“Oxycodone Abuse & Criminal Behavior” Front page-Lodi News, Weekend Edition.

Bullying and Teasing

ESPN Radio—Pete Spadora Show—2 Appearances–2012
CBS TV Interview—Dorothy Tucker–2012
Bullying & Teasing——2010
Resources: Parents’ Mini-Manual on Bullying
School Bullying Program
Mayer’s Memos-25years

School Violence/Shootings

“Teen Killers” International Magazine Cover Story—2011+2012.
“48 Hours of Torture” Discovery ID Channel—2009.
“The Blue Room” Documentary Film—2013.
Resources: Consultant to Law Enforcement
Expert Witness in 100+ cases

Social & Developmental Issues—Youth & Families

“Teen Dances out of Control”—Raising Einstein Radio Show 9/25 + 10/2/2012
(Audience asked him back)
“How to have the sex talk with your kids” 12/16/09
“Social Development Age 3-5” Parent Life 09/2010
Resources: Family Fit-2nd Edition (Book)
Parents’ Mini-Manuals Series
Mayer’s Memos Editions

Sports/Athletics/Fitness/Nutrition/Weight Loss

ESPN Radio(live)-NFL Bounties and the impact on youth-Pete Spadora Show 3/10/12
CBS TV Interview- Abusive Coaches—2/17/12
WBAL (Los Angeles)—The Ozone—11/07/11(Live)
PTSD and Exercise-WGN news- 5-21-2014
Resources: President-ISPA; Vice-Pres = CEYC
Family Fit-2nd Edition (Book)
Value Based Coaching (Book-coauthor)
Life long athlete
Former Obese Child

Fiction Writer

Shadow Warrior
Received a Movie Contract
Thriller on the Drug War & Espionage

An Anger at Birth – Psychological Thriller-Teen Violence-Teen Serial Killer

Immortal: The First Tango
Romantic Thriller w Historical Elements
Subplot=History & culture of Tango


Last Season – Coming of Age Sports Story/Inspirational
Kosovo – Original Screenplay in Development
Assignments – Has worked on assignment as a ghost editor on two major films in production 
Ph.D. Professors in Homicide and Dangerous Deeds – TV series

Hot Media Topics

Violence—Teen Violence—Bullying—DrugsTeens & Drinking/DrugsFamily Fitness
Childhood ObesitySports TopicsAbusive CoachesThe Penn State Tragedy & Aftermath
Jerry SanduskyPoor Mental Health Practices & Bogus Mental Health PractitionersBad
ShrinksTherapy Scams, Can Vampirism Happen Medically?

Media Interview Savvy

Confident, Candid, Straight-talking, Solution Centered Commentary on Today’s Most Discussed Social Issues.

Mayer’s Credential Highlights

Graduate of Northwestern University Medical School; Associate Professor at the University of Nuevo Leon, Mexico. 20 Books Published; 60+ Scientific Papers, 3 novels, a screenplay and has done assignments for studios. President of ISPA. Vice-President of CEYC; National & International Consultant & Speaker; National School Consultant; Practicing Clinician; Public Name Recognition. Of course, complete resume upon request.