The Paraclete Logline

The Paraclete

Dr. Augustine (Gus) Bart, forensic psychologist, is called into his most dangerous and frightening case yet as he is forced to battle pure evil that was summoned on to earth by an ultra conservative religious group seeking direct contact with the Holy Spirit (The Paraclete), the results of which have deadly effects on the teens in their community.

Personal Message:

In Christian beliefs, the Holy Spirit (The Paraclete) is the person of the Holy Trinity that is the center of wisdom, inspiration, POWER, and messenger of God. Yet, not much is known or understood about the Holy Spirit. Until now!


“Here there is no WHY.”.

In the tradition of the genre: The Exorcist,
The Omen and Seven.

An ultra conservative church sends a pilgrimage to Turkmenistan-‘The Gate to Hell’- the name given to this large crater of intense fire and black smoke. Oblivious to the connection to Hell, this group of three deacons believes they can make direct contact with the Holy Spirit, the source of all divine inspiration, wisdom and power in the Christian Trinity. This church believes the Holy Spirit can transform the community’s teenagers into super achievers, a new breed of young people who will change the world and shape it according to this group’s conservative religious beliefs.

They do make contact, but thinking what they have conjured is a divine good turns out to be pure evil bent on the destruction of all humankind. The evil APPARITION takes the form of a thin, muscular, androgynous albino with long straight white hair and wings composed of white scales.

The pastor of this rogue parish, FATHER JAMES, then begins to experience unexplainable deaths of teenagers who are buried alive by undetectable paranormal ooze. They suffer a horrible death, but the ooze leaves no evidence to explain the murders. The murder of teens keeps occurring, forcing Fr. James to look outside his church community for help. Father James first reaches out to the former diocese exorcist and old seminary professor, an enigmatic, coarse priest, FATHER JOHN KLEIN. Because the killings target teenagers, Klein suggests a forensic expert, Dr. AUGUSTINE (GUS) BART be brought in on the cases. Bart is a good-looking confident, street-smart yet sophisticated psychologist enamored of bespoke suits and considered the country’s leading expert on violent teens. As the killings continue, the initially reluctant Bart takes the lead in fighting the Apparition with the help of his gritty childhood friend Father Klein.

However, Fr. James’ controlling grip on all the parishioners, particularly the teens in this parish, blocks Gus’ efforts at uncovering the evil behind the murders, so Gus leaves the investigation only to return as the murders mount.

Meanwhile, two teens, ISABELLA ROSSI and LOGAN SUDDER, fight for their lives against the evil suspecting they are next in line to die. After almost losing his life in his fist battle with the Apparition, Dr. Gus Bart gets closer to a solution, and the ultimate battle of good versus evil begins with Isabella and Logan playing prominent roles in the frightening climax where good triumphs evil. Or does it?

Cry Baby Logline

Cry Baby

Be careful what lurks under your bed—it can kill you.

Short Synopsis:

Colton McGraw has the power to see people’s childhood fears and manifest them. At first, he’s scared of the monsters that only he can see but when his mom’s mean boyfriend dumps her, he uses his power for evil. He sends a monster to kill the boyfriend but does it by using the boyfriend’s fear against him.

Colton’s mom is worried about him and sends him to a religious camp in the hopes of saving him. But the camp turns out to be a hell on Earth—where abuse of every kind is normal. The only good thing in the camp is Erin, who instantly sees the goodness in him. But soon the abuse gets to Colton and he unleashes his monsters. The campers, counselors and administrators must face off against their childhood fear—but not just in their dreams, right there in camp.

Will Colton give in to his dark side or will Erin help him discover his long buried inner goodness?

Personal Message

Do childhood fears ever really go away?

Immortal: The First Tango:

If, because of a rare disease, your DNA mutated and every cell of your body will keep regenerating when it is old, damaged, or useless and the new body part is bigger, stronger, smarter when it grows back. What would you be after 300 years of living?
Immortal is a romantic suspense set in the present day. Octavious is a wealthy international wine tycoon who relives his 300 years of life as a reluctant pawn in many historical events while in conflict with a mortal enemy. Coping with the disease Porphoryia, responsible for the vampire legends and in sorrow of his lost true love, she unexpectedly reenters his life again or does she? Along his dramatic journey, he is saved by his love of music and dance, becoming a key figure in the development of Tango from the seaboards of Europe and South America over 150 years ago, to its sensual presence in society today.
VIEW the book trailer here!
LISTEN to excerpts read live by J.E. Mayer!

An Anger at Birth:

A city is paralyzed by fear by a typical looking suburban teen who is a ticking time bomb of anger that preys on toddlers with the ultimate goal of blowing up a children’s hospital until he is stopped in his plot by a street smart shrink and a police detective with Asberger’s disease.
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Shadow Warrior:

Shadow Warrior is the story introducing John Stryker, a CIA agent given the special assignment of taking the failed War on Drugs to a new level of intensity. The real drug problem is not about the cartels and shady 3rd there is an American infrastructure that helps the flow of illegal drugs flourish. Stryker is unleashed to employ high tech and old fashion bravado to destroy this infrastructure of the staid businesses that enable the illegal drug industry in the US by US citizens. A frustrated President invokes presidential powers (Sound familiar?) in a gamble to finally get some wins in the war on drugs.
Stryker’s attack on one American financial empire employs the elements of action-packed collateral damage, computer sabotage and personal ruin. This third prong of Stryker’s battle plan unexpectedly plummets Stryker into an intense, impassioned romance with the wife of the head of this old money family. Their relationship becomes entangled in the tension that builds as a climax looms between Stryker’s war and the vast resources of this financial empire.
This sexy, action packed thriller moves like a lit fuse from beginning to end!

The Last Season: (An Original Screenplay)

Last Season CoverIn the spirit of Hoosiers, a team of diverse basketball players all boldly recruited from the same urban high school class stages the first college player strike after their beloved coach is fired before their senior season when they are expected to start winning after overcoming personal and athletic obstacles in their college career. The team is led by Tony Wanat who matures from a wide-eyed eager college freshman to a counter-cultural leader by way of his love interest, Noel, a intellectual, indie co-ed. On the way to the NCAA championship they employ a strategy of showing no emotion on the court, no celebrations-no greeting the other teams to psych out the opponents and focus all their energy on the game. During the semi-final game the team walks off the court in protest throwing the world-wide TV audience, the NCAA, and the TV network into a panic.

Projects Under Construction:

Lost Shadow:

Another John Stryker (Shadow Warrior) book. Continuing on Operation WASP where Stryker is given carte blanc to disrupt the drug industry in the United States. In this assignment Stryker is ordered to Mexico to follow the money and drugs into the US. He is assigned a diverse team and through a series of mishaps Stryker and his team become ambushed by the army employed by the deadliest drug cartel isolating them from returning to the US.

Back Then:

A delightful Romantic tale I’m writing as a book, but would make a fun movie script as well. Would you fall in love with the love of your life if you knew her in a different time and place. Elements of: Time Travel, Romance, Comedy, Relationship Issues.

Kosovo: (Screenplay)

The little known story behind the heroic 26 day Alamo-like last stand of the xxxxx family against the full fury of the army of President Milosevic that brought international attention to the genocide of this area in the Balkans and resulted in president Clinton ordering 80 days of bombing that ended the slaughter.

PH.D.–Professors of Homicide and Dangerous Deeds:
(TV Pilot) Full outline/proposal available.

A TV series reminiscent of Hart to Hart as two professors, one of psychology the other of criminology, that are also lovers solve heinous crimes.